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    Know the Basics

  • Plan Your Deck

    Essential premium decking intelligence

    As always, the perfect premium decking plan begins with looking for ideas that inform and inspire—starting with homes with premium decks that look like yours. Think about how elaborate or simple you want your deck to be and how you plan on using it. A deck adds real value to your home. More importantly, it adds richness to your everyday life.

    Whatever the purpose of your deck—family meals, gardening, parties or as an extension of your quiet space—its function will dictate size, color, dimension and cost. For example, consider how much space you prefer to have between your home and your deck. And whether you wish to be instantly outside or foresee more of a dramatic buildup to a grand entrance.

  • A deck is greater than the sum of its parts. But you should still be familiar with them.

    So you’ve envisioned your premium deck—and pictured yourself presiding over congenial barbecuing tutorials. Now it’s time to reveal its essential components, as well as the wonderful things you can build around it. These elements fall into four general categories: railing, decking (of course), framing and stairs.


    The railing is composed of top rails, bottom rails and the balusters and posts that give them a reason for being.


    This is the part of the decking assembly that bears the majority of the walking, lounging and grilling load. It's obviously the most important and visible part of your premium deck.


    Your deck needs support, which comes in the form of joists, beams, elevated posts and footing.


    The stairs serve as entry and exit for multilevel decking. They’re made up of the tread (what you walk on), in some cases the riser (what you step over to get to the next step) and the stringer (the frame that supports the tread).