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    Consider Your Style

  • Plan Your Deck

    Your premium decking reflects you. And vice versa.

    Let’s face it: If you're in true deck-planning mode, every time you gaze in the direction of where your deck will be, you see much more than a deck. You envision an outdoor breakfast nook, an elevated plantscape, an extended workspace and an expanded play space. Or perhaps you visualize whatever serves as your personal oasis.

    Like many other aspects of deck planning and building, the style and design of your deck depend on everything under the sun, starting with the sun.

    What direction will your deck be facing? How much manmade shade will you need? If you have home designers you admire, think about what they do and why it grabs your attention. Admire your neighbor’s deck? Don’t be shy. Explain why you’re staring at it so much and, while you’re at it, ask where they got their inspiration.

  • Deck Style Influencers

    The Style of Your Home

    The structure and configuration of your home can be extremely persuasive in determining the style of your premium deck, with considerations that include shape, color palette and number of levels. Always remember that style and substance are bonded together like super glue.

    Your View of the World

    Consider whether you demand excellence and elegant solutions that quietly impress and your comfort zone is in the functional and reliable category. Or maybe you're a statement maker looking to create design buzz whose deck plans involve compellingly shaped inlays, awe-inspiring fire pits and soothing hot tubs.

    The Size of Your Budget

    This influences everything, including the grandeur and ambition of your deck design. Your financial plan will insistently tell you how much you’re willing to pay for repainting and re-staining over the years. It will also help you determine how you’ll be distinguishing your deck: with showy shape, grandiose scope and exotic materials or less costly but equally distinguishing details like foliage, furniture and colorful throw pillows.