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    Case Study: The Malone Home

    Serene Coastal Living

  • Southern deck hospitality

    Stuart and Cathy Malone wanted to carry their love of the outdoors into their retirement with a combination of picturesque coastal scenery and a pace where nothing was rushed. They chose their location carefully, and the result was a beautiful vacation property in Bluffton, South Carolina.

    Get inspired by the scenery around you! Create a connection between your décor and the landscape around you. With Zuri® Premium Decking, it’s all about the look of a traditional wood porch without the maintenance.
  • Coastal living made easy with Zuri® Premium Decking.

    South Carolina Lowcountry architecture is perfectly mated to the area’s hot, humid climate. Ceilings are built high to let heat rise. First floors are elevated to enable air to make its way beneath the house and create a natural barrier to flooding. Verandas built around the back side of the home furnish both shade and outdoor living space.

    Perspective is everything

    The property boasted spectacular views, so the Malones contracted Court Atkins Architects to make the most of them by designing and building a carriage house, a main house and a garage. Low-maintenance materials were paramount, as the couple was not going to live there year-round.

    “As we were designing the home, outdoor living spaces became important to them—how they connect to the landscape and the indoor spaces and how they could entertain,” said William Court, a partner at Court Atkins Architects.

  • With Zuri® Premium Decking, it’s all in the details.
    We chose Zuri® Premium Decking, which allowed us to get a very natural, traditional look typical of a wood porch in South Carolina, but without the maintenance.
    William Court Partner at Court Atkins Architects
  • Connecting with the outdoors. And bringing it in.

    The main deck wraps its way around the entire rear of the property and unifies the living, dining and kitchen spaces. It’s divided by zone: outdoor grilling, screened outdoor dining and screened outdoor living. Raised planters bring the landscape and porch area closer together.

    “It was great to have key members of the Zuri team available during construction to train and teach and make sure the product was installed in the best possible fashion,” said Court. “And we liked the consistency, the color renderings and the character and quality of the finished product.”

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