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    Installation Support

  • Easy-to-follow installation videos.

    Our how-to videos break down every aspect of prepping and building Zuri® Premium Decking by Royal®. And like Zuri, they’re as beautifully put together as they are worry-free.

  • How to Install

    Intuition and experience make worthy guides. As do the tried-and-true installation guidelines that accompany the most premium decking.

    Download Guidelines (PDF)

    Installation Checklists

    Whether your premium decking project is relatively straightforward or comparatively complex, it often comes with its own unique surprises. All the more reason to have a set of checklists to follow.

    Download Checklist (PDF)
  • Must-see information for pros and homeowners.

    Easy cleaning instructions and stain removal tips. Storage information and details about our extensive 25-year warranty against scratches, stains and the elements. You’ll find a great deal of valuable Zuri information and links on our customer care page. And your customers will appreciate you shared it with them.